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Interview: The Cast And Filmmakers Of Life As We Know It

Taking the plunge and deciding to have a child is life changing enough; imagine having no plans for kids and all of a sudden having a little one running around the house. That’s what happens to Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel in Life as We Know It. They play Holly and Eric, two people who only tolerate each other for the sake of their mutual best friends and their beautiful baby girl, Sophie. When tragedy strikes and their friends pass away, Sophie is left in Holly and Eric’s care. Now not only do they have to put their differences aside and shack up together, but the former rivals have to completely rearrange their lives for Sophie, too.

Clearly Life as We Know It isn’t a straightforward comedy. It comes packed with hilarious poop-filled moments, but there’s also an underlying sadness due to the event that brings Holly, Eric and Sophie together and director Greg Berlanti knows it. He and his producers, Paul Brooks and Barry Josephson, as well as the writers, Ian Deitchman and Kristin Rusk Robinson, were all well aware of the challenge the mix of genre would pose when it came to getting a studio’s green light. Clearly their dedication and passion for the story paid off because come October 8th, Life as We Know It will hit theaters nationwide.

To promote the project the gang all came out for a press conference to talk about everything from working with the Clagett triplets playing Sophie to handling the film’s atypical romantic comedy nature down to the parallel between this story and Heigl’s real life experience adopting a child. Even with some very serious topics circulating the panel, laughs were abound from beginning to end. Check it all out in the interview below.

Click here to read the interview.

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