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NYFF 2012 Review: Life Of Pi

Piscine lives with his brother and parents in Pondicherry, India. When he isn’t spending time with the animals at his family-owned zoo, an inquisitive Pi is off exploring different faiths of which he adopts three. When Pi makes an attempt at befriending the zoo’s tiger, Richard Parker, his father steps in to teach him a rather harsh lesson, one that rattles his beliefs and curiosity.

At 17, Pi’s parents decide it’s time to seek a better life so board a Japanese cargo ship with their animals and set sail for Canada. Along the way, the boat encounters a vicious storm, sinking the ship and leaving just one human survivor, Pi. But Pi is not alone. He shares his lifeboat with Richard Parker.

Talk about bringing Yann Martel’s book to life. The instant the opening credits kick in, you know you’re in for one of the most vivid experiences the movies can offer. Ang Lee’s use of 3D throughout the film isn’t distracting in the least, but during this opening montage, the animals really do pop off the screen and the fact that the images are so colorful and crisp makes the effect particularly impressive and striking.

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