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Interview: Winter’s Tale’s Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, Jennifer Connelly, Eva Marie Saint & Akiva Goldsman

Winters_TaleLife isn’t a fairy tale.  Life requires life beyond loss and according to writer-director-producer Akiva Goldsman, that’s why we need fairy tales for adults like his new movie, Winter’s Tale.  The book-to-film adaptation stars Colin Farrell as a thief named Peter Lake.  Peter’s perfectly fine stealing to get by, but after crossing paths with Jessica Brown Findlay’s Beverly Penn, he abandons everything he’s known for something he’s experiencing for the very first time – true love.

Just ahead of the film’s Valentine’s Day debut, Goldsman, Farrell and Brown Findlay as well as co-stars Jennifer Connelly who portrays Virginia, a mother with an ailing daughter whose fate becomes intertwined with Peter Lake’s, and Eva Marie Saint who steps in as the older version of Beverly’s younger sister, all sat down for a press conference in New York City.  Check out what the gang had to say about the challenge of enticing an audience to suspend disbelief, their personal experiences with miracles, the ups and downs of shooting the film’s most intimate scene and more.

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Review: Winter’s Tale

Winters_Tale_Poster1“Winter’s Tale” is not a true story nor a love story, but rather, the comedy of the year.

Based on Mark Helprin’s 1983 novel, “Winter’s Tale” focuses on Colin Farrell’s Peter Lake. We meet Peter when he’s just a baby in 1895. His parents so desperately want to come to the United States, but because they’ve got heart conditions, they’re not allowed in. However, it doesn’t have to be that way for baby Peter. Instead of re-boarding their boat and heading back home together, they plop the infant into a tiny model boat, lower him down from their own and then watch as he presumably sails off to New York City.

That covers just about ten minutes of the movie, but right there you’ve already got two devastating problems. First off, this movie is one of magical realism. You’re not going to get a theater full of people to buy into that unless you establish it right from the start. This odd display of two parents risking their child’s life in an absurd effort to give him a better one does not do that in the least, making it even more difficult to adjust and accept when magic is thrown into the equation a little later on. And that brings us to detrimental issue #2, believability. There are countless scenes in this movie when characters are doing or saying something oh-so seriously that makes little to no sense and that turns out to be a highly successful formula for creating laugh-out-loud-worthy moments.

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Interview: Winter’s Tale Writer-Director-Producer Akiva Goldsman

Akiva_GoldsmanEven though he’s a prolific writer and producer, having won an Academy Award for A Beautiful Mind and produced acclaimed features including Lone Survivor and I Am Legend, Akiva Goldsman decided it was time to give directing a go.  However, it wasn’t because Goldsman had dreamed of eventually directing a feature, but rather because he found material that struck such a chord that directing the piece himself became the only option.  Come Valentine’s Day, we’ll get the chance to check out Goldsman’s directorial debut, an adaptation of Mark Helprin’s 1983 novel, Winter’s Tale. The film focuses on Colin Farrell’s Peter Lake, an expert thief who walks into a home intending to steal and winds up having something stolen from him – his heart.  (Come on; Valentine’s Day is on the way!)

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