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Screen Rant’s 10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2013

Horror-Movie-Preivew-2013Ready for a year of straight slasher flicks, horror anthologies, paranormal entities, home invasions, and more? 2013 is due to cover just about every corner of the horror genre – including remakes, adaptations, and even a few original ideas, too.

There’s dozens of prospective nightmare-inducing productions on the way (or already in theaters), but we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 that pack the most promising source material, stellar teams of talent, innovative core concepts and/or the potential for unprecedented carnage.

Check out our 10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2013.

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Interview: The House Of The Devil’s Ti West, Tom Noonan And Greta Gerwig

TomGretaTiNobody can deny that the horror genre has transformed into a quick money making vehicle in Hollywood. The House of the Devil director Ti West is well aware of the trend, but his movie is far from that. The House of the Devil wasn’t made to appeal to the masses; it was made to satiate Ti’s own creative mind and share his vision with anyone who’ll appreciate it. The result is a very different kind of scary movie that has a depth unlike its peers.

Adding to the film’s peculiarity are stars Greta Gerwig and Tom Noonan. I was completely taken aback by Gerwig’s attitude. The character she plays in the film, Megan, is crass and unruly while Greta herself is soft-spoken and extremely polite. Then there’s Noonan who’s exactly like his character, Mr. Ulman. Even his kids are uneasy about introducing him to their friends fearing he might scare them off. Ironically, Noonan has a fantastic sense of humor.

There’s something terrifying about sitting down for a roundtable interview with those responsible for creating a horror film. You think the director must be insane for coming up with such a concept and it’s extremely difficult to separate the actors from their characters. By the end of the session I was fully convinced that West is a deeply passionate filmmaker, Gerwig is a kindhearted up and coming actress and Noonan is just a very tall guy who likes to crack jokes. No satanic rituals were performed and I survived.

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Review: The House of the Devil

HouseoftheDevilPosterThe House of the Devil is like a mediocre haunted house. You meander through expecting something terrifying to be lurking around every corner, but when it’s over, you’re thinking, “That wasn’t so bad.” Part of the reasons so-so haunted houses are scary at all, is that you walk into them with the mentality that you’re going to be scared. The only reason The House of the Devil is unnerving is because you know what’s coming. You wait and anticipate nearly the entire movie and when the time finally comes for the big reveal, it’s not so frightening.

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