The Best – and Worst – Movie Trailers of 2013

Best_Movie_Trailers_of_2013Let’s say we get about 10 to 15 new trailers each week; that makes about 650 a year. That’s a lot of promos, but considering I’ve watched each and every one while curating Best and Worst Movie Trailers of the Week throughout the year, pinpointing the top and bottom 10 of 2013 wasn’t all that hard. However, narrowing those numbers down to five for each category was another story. Hours of unforgettable dialogue, abysmal voiceover, ideal soundtrack choices and poor editing later, we’ve got our five best and worst movie trailers of 2013. Enjoy.

The Best Stuff

5. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

There’s a reason The Hunger Games is an epic success. Well, there are many, but one key factor is the highly effective marketing effort. The folks at Lionsgate absolutely know how to milk the hype and they know how to do it with class, style and in a manner that puts story first. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer campaign wasn’t just a haphazard string of promos dished out at prime times; they told a story and I’m partial to the one that focused on the tail end of that story, the film’s final trailer. Clocking in at a mere one minute and six seconds, this piece moves to an impeccable beat, setting a beautiful tone and pace before launching into a rip-roaring string of shots that truly will have you on the edge of your seat, upping the suspense tenfold before culminating in that downright heartbreaking shot of Katniss suffering the effects of the Jabberjays, a vicious grand finally with an undeniable power to make a big impression.

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