YA Movie Countdown: Why ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ Will Be Unlike Any Other Recent YA Adaptation

Fault_in_Our_Stars_BookHave you had enough dystopian young adult book-to-film adaptations? Would you rather nix the supernatural creatures? Tired of love triangles? Not only is John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars dystopia, creature and love triangle free, but it’s also exceptionally grounded and moving.

The Gist

The story hones in on Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16 year old diagnosed with stage-five thyroid cancer with metastasis on her lungs. She quickly loses her breath, travels around with an oxygen tank, and is always heartbroken over what her situation does to her parents, but she tries to be “normal” otherwise, taking classes at a local community college and watching as many episodes of America’s Next Top Model as possible.

Hazel also attends a regular support group. That’s where she regularly sees Isaac who’s been plagued with eye cancer since he was young. One particular night, Isaac opts to bring a friend along, Augustus Waters. Gus was once a star basketball player, but after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma, he lost his right leg. Now in remission, Gus sticks by Isaac’s side as he hits a troubled spot in his recovery. But, while on Isaac duty, Gus’ eyes do wander and they land right on Hazel.

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