Review: We’re the Millers

Were_the_Millers_PosterThere’s nothing like family and it’s truer than ever in “We’re the Millers.” The plot isn’t particularly sound and jokes occasionally fall flat, but the appeal of watching this  “family” come together is so enjoyable and satisfying, it makes the film an ideal way to round out the summer.

David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) is well out of college, but he’s still enjoying life as a small-time pot dealer. No wife, no kids, no obligations, just making money and doing as he pleases. David’s primarily content with his existence until he’s attacked and robbed by a gang of local teens. Having lost his stash and a significant amount of cash, David has no choice, but to report to his boss, Brad (Ed Helms), and come clean. Brad is unexpectedly amenable and offers to wipe David’s slate clean under one condition – he replaces Brad’s gunned down drug mule and smuggle a shipment of pot from Mexico in his place.

A guy in his 30s crossing the boarder alone is bound to get caught, so in an effort to better his chances, David puts together the ultimate disguise – a family. David recruits his geeky young neighbor Kenny (Will Poulter) to fill the role of his son, a runaway named Casey (Emma Roberts) to play his daughter, and another neighbor, Rose (Jennifer Aniston), who, of course, also happens to be a stripper, to step in as his wife and away they go on their Miller family vacation.

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