Meet the Real-Life Criminals Behind ‘The Bling Ring’

Katie-Chang-Israel-Broussard-The-Bling-RingIt’s interesting catching The Bling Ring in such close proximity to Spring Breakers. There are loads of similarities in terms of tone, style and material, but there’s also one glaring difference – one’s the real deal and the other very much is not. It’s easy to point a finger at Spring Breakers and, enjoy the film or not, judge it for portraying youths in such a down, dirty and outrageous manner, but when it comes to The Bling Ring you just can’t because it really happened.

From about October 2008 to August 2009, a group of teens from Calabasas, California amassed $3 million by sneaking into celebrities’ homes and stealing cash and pricy personal belongings. The film’s logline is practically an exact match to that summary of the actual burglaries and writer-director Sofia Coppola nails a slew of the finer details from Nancy Jo Sales’ Vanity Fair article “The Suspect Wore Louboutins,” but before the names become interchangeable when the film hits theaters on June 21 (it’s in limited release June 14), let’s draw the line between the film version of the Bling Ring members and the real thing.

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