Before & After: What It’s Like to Have a Movie Playing the SXSW Film Festival


Our short film Child Eater plays to an adoring crowd, we get up and charm the audience further during our Q&A, someone from Blumhouse Productions approaches us post screening with interest in the feature version and BOOM! – Child Eater the feature gets a green light.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Just over a month ago I was shocked and overjoyed to find out my Columbia University non-thesis short Child Eater was accepted into SXSW and was set to play in the Midnight Shorts program. We’d already gotten a great reaction at the Columbia University Film Festival, were named an honorable mention at the Reykjavík International Film Festival and had the privilege of screening before Scream and a Wes Craven Q&A at the New York City Horror Film Festival, but SXSW was something else. Not only has the festival become one of the biggest in the country, but it’s a place where something really could happen, whether it be finding that magical person eager to propel the feature version into production, meet future collaborators, or even just simply get our names out there. Whatever fate is upon us, we’re going to do whatever it takes to ensure we get the most out of this experience.

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