Why ‘Beautiful Creatures’ Can’t Be Successful in a Post-‘Hunger Games’ World

Beautiful-CreaturesIt ain’t easy being a young-adult book-to-film adaptation in a post-Hunger Games world. Tone, topics and characters may vary, but the moment it’s revealed that a new film comes from source material in the YA realm, comparisons are inevitable, and when you’re going up against a film with an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and $686.5 million at the worldwide box office, that can be tough to handle.

While The Hunger Games will almost undoubtedly go on to accumulate another three films, it’s likely that film one stopped the Beautiful Creatures series dead in its tracks. According toBox Office Mojo, the film ran Warner Bros. a $60 million production tab on top of the millions it probably cost to promote the thing, so a $7.6 million opening with a measly $2,569 per theater average is an immensely disappointing start. Even worse, with the Valentine’s Day hype long gone, it could be heading towards a 45% or even 50% drop in its second weekend, and with two new wide releases hitting theaters on Friday and both Side Effects and Silver Linings Playbook holding strong, Beautiful Creatures might only end up with one weekend in the top 10.

While we can’t entirely blame Beautiful Creatures’ poor performance on The Hunger Games, it’s almost impossible not to pit one against the other — and by doing so Beautiful Creatures, in some respects, may seem worse than it really is.

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