The Pros and Cons of Francis Lawrence Directing Three ‘The Hunger Games’ Films

SilverLiningsPlaybookRedDawn (585 x 195)Planning to check out The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 this weekend? There’s a little rumor floating around that the Hunger Games: Catching Fire logo will be unveiled at the screenings. Never a Dull Moment posted a screenshot of a movie theater document detailing the Breaking Dawn digital file information as well as the trailers that are supposed to be programmed with it and, as expected, that includes the new Warm Bodies trailer, but then it also says “Now You See Me/ Hunger Games: Catching Fire Logo Reveal.” While nothing has been confirmed by Lionsgate, it seems to be right there in black and white so I’m thinking it’s a safe bet we’ll get a little Catching Fire before Breaking Dawn.

Speaking of highly anticipated releases, both Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence have highly anticipated films coming out and I’ve had the chance to catch them both. How do they stack up? As far as their performances go, both Hutcherson and Lawrence impress, but Lawrence’s work in Silver Linings Playbook is just above and beyond – as is the film as a whole. The story is simple and sweet yet profound, and Lawrence turns Tiffany into an enigmatic character you’re desperate to know more about. Check out this clip from Yahoo! for a taste of what she’s got to offer. Red Dawn, on the other hand, is rather one-note. What you see in that EW clip is what you get — hot young actors running around with guns, blowing away the enemy. If that’s your thing, it offers a fair amount of entertainment, but Hutcherson will undoubtedly still be waiting for his first Oscar-worthy role while Lawrence might be snagging another nomination.

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