Interview: The First Time’s Britt Robertson

Apparently actress Britt Robertson likes a good challenge. Writer-director Jon Kasdan’s feature “The First Time” is basically an hour and a half of Robertson and Dylan O’Brien discussing their relationship woes, falling for one another and then talking about how they feel about each other.

Robertson plays Aubrey, a high school student dating an older guy (James Frencheville), who bumps into Dave (O’Brien) at a party. Dave’s busy stressing over how to approach his longtime crush (Victoria Justice), Aubrey gives him some pointers, one thing leads to another and the two come to realize that they understand each other far more than the people they’re chasing.

With so much dialogue and so much riding on the performances, the film could have gone either way and Robertson knew it. But she also knew that Kasdan had a firm handle on the story and the production, creating a prime environment for bringing out the best from the cast. With the film due out in theaters on October 19th, Robertson took the time to tell us all about the challenges and rewards of making “The First Time.” She also touched on her upcoming project, “The Delivery Man,” as well as the exit of her CW show, “The Secret Circle.”

Read about that and much more in our interview with Robertson below.

Click here to read the interview.

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