10 Items Movies Have Taught Us Not to Touch, Ever

In this weekend’s new release The Possession, poor little Em Brenek just has to buy an old box at a yard sale. Even though the thing clearly isn’t meant to be opened, Em insists and she’s left with creepy fingers popping up in the back of her throat. If only Em had watched a few more horror movies, she would have picked up on the telltale signs that something isn’t right about her precious little box. No, we don’t want to live our lives in plastic bubbles, but thanks to the genre we know that there are quite a few things out in the world that might be alluring, but are just not worth touching.

Infamous Videotapes

When legend has it that if you watch a certain videotape you’ll die within seven days of watching it, you might as well stay on the safe side and opt out of popping it into the VHS player. Nightmares, nose bleeds and incessant phone calls just aren’t worth it. If you’re so curious that you can’t bear to go on without catching what’s on this haunted videotape, better figure out if you’ve got the guts to make a copy and pass it on. But then what poor soul will you pass it on to? Good thing VHS players are just about obsolete!

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