Review: Robot & Frank

A sign of an effective and touching movie? The viewer wants to be part of that world. Not only will “Robot & Frank” leave you wishing you could have a friendly robot buddy just like Frank’s, but you’ll also leave feeling as though you’ve truly experienced a part of a person’s life, and a part that’s well worth experiencing at that.

In the near future, there’s no need for in-home nursing; caretaker robots assume the responsibility of ensuring elderly clients live healthy and happy day-to-day lives. When Hunter (James Marsden) comes to the conclusion that his father Frank’s (Frank Langella) memory loss has left him unable to care for himself, Hunter buys him a robot. Frank’s furious at first, but soon comes to learn the robot has a lot to offer – maintaining a clean home, cooking tasty and nutritious meals, friendship, and picking locks.

In his younger years, Frank was a jewel thief and longs to relive his glory days. When he figures out that he’s able to manipulate the robot into doing anything as long he can make a case that it’s beneficial to his health, he looks at the robot not only as a caretaker, but a friend and partner in crime.

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