Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: Before San Diego Comic Con Takes Over

Yes there are other things going on in the film industry besides San Diego Comic Con and upcoming releases like Ice Age: Continental DriftGangster Squad and Step Up Revolution are getting new promotional material, but being on the ground in San Diego myself, Comic Con has completely taken over my brain.

The Frankenweenie panel just went down today and out of it we got this brand new homage trailer as well as a similarly styled poster to go along with it. Total Recall offered up a more comprehensive look at Colin Farrell’s Doug Quaid taking enemies out inside Rekall as well as a featurette that puts the film’s story in the spotlight. There’s also a new poster for The Expendables 2 in the mix, but none manage to top a special few that delivered particularly impressive promotional material in honor of the event. Then again, on the bright side, they also didn’t manage to creep into the group of more disappointing Comic Con reveals.

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