Interview: Moonrise Kingdom’s Jared Gilman

At just 13-years-old, Jared Gilman has already gone through a number of auditions, but also managed to land his first leading role, the role of the unpopular yet tenacious Sam Shakusky in Moonrise Kingdom.

Sam falls for Suzy Bishop (Kara Hayward) the moment he lays eyes on her. The romance heats up as the two send each other letters and eventually decide to run away together. Sam packs his wilderness survival essentials and ditches his Khaki Scout troop while Suzy puts her kitten in a carrier, takes her most prized books and hits the road. When Scout Master Randy Ward (Edward Norton) and the Bishops (Bill Murray and Frances McDormand) realize the kids are missing, they enlist in the help of Captain Sharp (Bruce Willis) to track them down.

While Moonrise Kingdom rocks very familiar names like Murray, Willis, Norton, McDormand and more, Gilman and his young co-star, Hayward, undoubtedly steal the show. You’d think it might have been the slightest bit intimidating stepping in front of the lens for Wes Anderson and in the company of such monumental talent, but a lengthy audition process gave Gilman all the confidence he needed to pull it off.

Click here to read the interview.

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