Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: ‘Madagascar 3’ Rocks Polka Dots And Afros But ‘The Words’ Drowns In Voice Over

While The Avengers continues to plow through the competition, a few other wannabe summer blockbusters try to put themselves in position to share in the big bucks. The Dictatorundoubtedly has an uphill battle, but this rather amusing extended clip might attract some extra attention. Men in Black 3, on the other hand, is very likely the film that’ll dethrone The Avengers, so if it’s going to be #1, might as well go big, right? This new peek at the film’s sets, gadgets, cars and more suggests MIB 3’s production value will reflect its hefty price tag. As for Prometheus, it’ll definitely open big, but how big is the question. Should viral videos like this one work in the film’s favor, it could be one of the highest earners of the summer.

On a smaller scale, the Duplass brothers are at it again, releasing a brand new trailer for their July release, The Do-Deca-Pentathlon. On the far creepier side, a trailer for The Possession just hit and it actually suggests that there still might be more to explore in the whole possession subgenre.

In the land of the release date-less we’ve got two worth keeping an eye on: Bait 3D because it looks like a big ball of tacky fun, and The We and The I because while we’ve still got no clue where Michel Gondry is going with this one, there’s something inexplicably magnetizing about this footage.

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