Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: Stripping Channing Tatum, a Plane Crashes in ‘Area 407,’ Tyler Perry’s Latest, and More

There are a number of reasons to keep an eye on a movie, but first and foremost, you look forward to something because it looks good. Fox Searchlight’s Ruby Sparks trailer comes as a nice surprise, showing off a goofy, but charming Paul Dano actually get the girl of his dreams – a character he totally made up. While this trailer certainly doesn’t do the film justice, Your Sister’s Sister is also a somewhat under-the-radar production to, well, keep on your radar.

Then there are the films you need to consider simply because they’re summer blockbusters, or at least want to be. While the G.I. Joe: Retaliation posters aren’t particularly original, it was fun watching them pop up all over the web. As for Battleship, a rather unexciting scene just arrived, but Alexander Skarsgård and Taylor Kitsch make it an enjoyable watch. Another clip from The Avengers cropped up and while it’s a treat to see Iron Man and Thor beat each other up, there’s something about their outfits and those lightning bolts that’s reminiscent ofPower Ranger-style battles.

And then there’s the material that looks like it could be good, but you just can’t be sure. I wouldn’t say I’m into “girls with guns and southerners beating the hell out of each other,” but there’s something oddly intriguing about the new Baytown Disco trailer. The Cosmopolis one isn’t as tight as it could be, but there is something to it that suggests this could the film that finally cuts the cord between Robert Pattinson and the Twilight franchise. Moonrise Kingdom just got a new clip and while it isn’t anything particularly exhilarating, it’s tough to say no to a piece that features Tilda Swinton, Bruce Willis and Edward Norton.

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