Interview: Safe House Director Daniel Espinosa (Press Conference)

According to Ryan Reynolds, “Daniel’s a guy you want to buy stock in,” and after seeing Safe House, I’d have to agree. Safe House is director Daniel Espinosa’s fourth feature, but his very first American film.

It stars Reynolds as Matt Weston, a young CIA agent assigned to a Cape Town safe house, which basically equates to a glorified babysitting job. He reports to his post, listens to some music, throws a ball against a wall and goes home. Sounds like a relaxing day, but not for a guy who’s itching to become a CIA case agent. No experience? No case agent gig. Matt’s luck changes, for better or worse, when the infamous CIA traitor Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) walks through his door. As if it weren’t enough pressure having Frost as his houseguest, Matt’s safe house is ambushed and he becomes the only person left that can bring Frost safely into custody.

After the release of Snabba Cash (Easy Money), scripts began to roll right in for Espinosa. While he knew Safe House was the one for him, it still needed about a year’s worth of work, however, soon enough, that load wasn’t entirely on him, as Washington and Reynolds boarded the project. Not a bad leading duo for your first American feature, huh?

With the February 10th release of Safe House right around the corner, Espinosa came to New York City for a press conference and dished on the details of the entire process from locking his leads, to working in Cape Town and more. Check it all out in the interview below.

Click here to read the interview.

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