Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: Mark Neveldine on Rollerblades vs. Channing Tatum with Chocolate

Another week, a slew of new promotional material. The overall gauge this week fell somewhere in the middle, but, of course, that still means some came out on the higher end of the spectrum.

Snow White vs. Snow White

The Snow White movies are at it again, this time, Snow White and the Huntsmen getting a sneak peek and Mirror Mirror getting a featurette and, yet again, I’m pleasantly surprised. The Huntsman video is pretty much just the trailer all over again, but it holds up surprisingly well. As for Mirror Mirror, it embraces its silly and family-friendly side, laying on the goofiness quite thick and, you know what? It’s kind of cute.


There was really no other way to title this section of the introduction. Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie seems to be getting some solid reviews out at Sundance, but a number do point out the film can be hit or miss. Well, it’s a miss with me because this clip from the film isn’t funny, rather uncomfortably awkward. And, in a completely different spin on “WTF,” it’s happened; a piece of Hunger Games promotional material didn’t claim one of the top three slots. There’s nothing wrong with what’s said to be the film’s final poster, but considering we’ve seen Katniss shoot quite a few arrows already, this image is lacking a wow-factor when, at this point, we’ve come to expect them from the film. Or perhaps I’ve just watched that teaser one too many times.

WTF to the Max

The new premiere promotion video for Iron Sky is in a category of its own. Why? Nazis in space, that’s why! I don’t know what to make of this bizarre sci-fi/comedy mash up from Timo Vuorensola, but similar to Dead Snow’s zombie Nazis, Vuorensola’s deep space ones make for some pretty wicked villains.

Don’t worry; that’s not all. The best is yet to come. Well, and the worst, too, but who couldn’t use a good laugh at a poor promo’s expense?

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