Review: Red Riding Hood

Twilight fans and haters alike beware; the big bad wolf is coming. It isn’t good-looking like Taylor Lautner and isn’t frightening in the least. Basically, it has no place being in a horror film or in a Catherine Hardwicke movie. Then again, after Red Riding Hood, Hardwicke might have a tough time holding onto whatever clout she has left. Who’d have thought going to grandma’s could be such a nightmare?

Amanda Seyfried is Valerie, Hardwicke’s version of Little Red Riding Hood. She lives in a remote village of the woods plagued with fear courtesy of the local werewolf. When Valerie’s sister becomes the beast’s latest victim, the men arm up and head out to hunt it down. They return triumphant, or so they think. Amidst their celebration, Solomon (Gary Oldman) and his men barge in to inform the townsfolk that that’s no werewolf head they’re dancing around, rather that of a standard wolf and that the real beast is still among them.

Whether the residents like it or not, Solomon is here and now he’s in charge. He takes it upon himself to track down the beast by any means necessary. Further complicating the situation, the town is under a blood moon and should anyone be bitten by the werewolf under that moon, they’re destined to become one themselves.

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