Interview: Battle: Los Angeles’ Neil Brown Jr.

Let’s say aliens really do attack Earth one day; who do you think will defend us? Tom Cruise? Probably not. Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith? Not happening. It’s the army and not the army Mars Attacks!-style. We’re talking dead serious real soldiers with intense weaponry setting off some massive explosions and, based on my chat with Neil Brown Jr., that’s who the unearthly visitors go head-to-head with in Battle: Los Angeles.

With quite a few credits to his name, including Fast & Furious and The Walking Dead, Brown Jr. certainly knows what he’s doing on set, but there seems to be something about Battle: LA that really hit home for him and his co-cast. Not only did the group have to attend an intense boot camp right before heading to set in Louisiana, but they remained close throughout shooting up to this very day. Having gone through this training together, the men felt and acted like real Marines and not only did that lead them to develop strong bonds with one another, but it brought an impeccable degree of authenticity to the film, too.

As big as Battle: LA is, that’s not the only highly anticipated project on Brown Jr.’s plate. After a stellar first season, The Walking Dead is back, but the question is, will the nursing home protector Guillermo be back as well? Brown Jr. may not have been able to offer any definitive answer, but he did guarantee the second season will blow you away regardless.

Check out everything Neil Brown Jr. had to say about Battle: Los AngelesThe Walking Dead and a potential next project in the interview below.

Click here to read the interview.

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