Tribeca Review: Birth Of Big Air

When walking into a film directed by Jeff Tremaine and produced by Johnny Knoxville, you expect to get something shocking and gruesome a laJackass, however, this isn’t the case with Birth of Big Air. Not that the boys of Jackass don’t have heart, but the degree of dedication and ardor exemplified in this film is unfounded. ButJackass enthusiasts aren’t left empty handed. There’s certainly enough action and accidents to go around, but rather than giving yourself paper cuts as a recreational activity, Mat Hoffman is risking his life for the sake of his passion.

BMX has been around for quite a while, but it wasn’t until Hoffman arrived that the sport evolved from a rogue hobby into a respected show of athleticism. Tremaine kicks off the piece with a look at BMX’s early days, all the way back to Bob Haro in the late 70s. As the sport builds momentum, so does the documentary. Tremaine seamlessly eases in Hoffman’s story as though it were merely another notable timely progression. But perhaps that’s because it was. From the moment Hoffman’s mother decided to submit a photo of her son getting some serious air to a magazine, BMX would never be the same.

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