Tribeca Review: Cairo Time

Very few of us have the spare cash to take an intercontinental trip for recreational purposes. Luckily, writer-director Ruba Nadda has taken the liberty to spare you that expense and squanders the funds herself.Cairo Time is a goldmine for anyone eager to do some sightseeing. The problem is, Cairo Time isn’t supposed to be an area profile; it’s supposed to be a story and in that department, it’s seriously lacking.

Wouldn’t it suck to travel all the way from the US to Egypt to hang out with your husband, only to get there and find out he won’t make it? That’s what happens to Juliette (Patricia Clarkson). She ditches her job as a magazine editor to meet up with her husband, Mark (Tom McCamus), a UN employee stationed in Gaza, in Cairo for a three-week vacation. Unfortunately, upon landing in Egypt, Juliette’s greeted by her hubby’s former co-worker Tareq (Alexander Siddig) because Mark’s stuck in Gaza.

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