Review: Paper Man

Why do people suffering from writer’s block resort to solitude? Haven’t they seen The Shining? Whether or not it seems like a bright idea at the start, eventually you’ll lose it and attack your loved ones. Okay, maybe you won’t exactly end up wielding an axe, but peace and quiet can only take you so far. Paper Man is the offspring a husband and wife writing-directing team’s trouble putting pen to paper. Unhappy working inside Hollywood’s big studio system, Michele and Kieran Mulrooney chose to ditch the corporate world and focus on independent projects. It worked and the result is Paper Man.

Richard Dunn (Jeff Daniels) has some major issues. Not only was his first novel a flop, but he’s suffering from a serious case of writer’s block, his marriage is on the rocks and oh yeah, he has an imaginary friend named Captain Excellent (Ryan Reynolds). In an effort to give him a fresh start Richard’s wife, Claire (Lisa Kudrow), drives him out to a rented house in Sag Harbor. They spend the weekends together, but soon Claire returns to her surgical work at New York’ Presbyterian Hospital while Richard remains out east trying to develop his second novel, a piece with a connection to an extinct animal, the Heath Hen.

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