Review: Kick-Ass

Real superheroes are so overrated. Superman is super fast and strong, Batman’s smart and has a serious stash of cash and Spider-Man can scale walls and sling webs, but do any have the geeky innocence of Kick-Ass, a mouth as foul as Hit Girl, an equal affection for firearms and hot chocolate with extra marshmallows like Big Daddy or a Mohawk as out of control as Red Mist’s? Kick-Ass creates a connection between fan and hero like never before. There’s no supernatural prowess, just one average Joe showing another what he can do with a secret identity and two sticks to whack people with.

Who doesn’t walk out of a superhero movie wishing they could don a cape and fight some crime? I’d like to say the large majority, however nobody acts on the impulse. That all changes in Kick-Ass. Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) decides the time has come for the average teenager to go incognito and kick some ass, or, in his case, get his ass kicked. Clad in a green and yellow scuba suit, Kick-Ass ventures out into public to save someone’s day. After a considerable mishap, he returns for another go-around and winds up triumphant. An onlooker videos the entire battle and Kick-Ass becomes the latest YouTube sensation.

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2 responses to “Review: Kick-Ass

  1. jordan

    great review. kick ass is a refreshing, risky picture coming out of riskless hollywood, a place becoming synonymous with safe, crappy trilogies.

    now lets hope it does well at the box office…

  2. I still eyeonjd it too though, just thought it totally fell flat on the story wasn’t great and the mood far too ‘sporadically eclectic’ (?). Even as a no-brainier action film there wasn’t THAT much action on offer.I totally understand why some people have eyeonjd it to the max though.

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