Review: The Joneses

Advertising a new product is a tricky task. It’s one thing to just list the device’s assets, but when it comes to getting the consumer to trust the company enough to lay down the cash, there’s nothing better than a face-to-face pitch. But consumers are smart. They know the guy from Sony is going to say his camera is best and so is the guy from Canon. But if the brand is removed from the equation entirely, we get the ultimate sales team: a seemingly average family, The Joneses.

The Joneses appear to be the new folks in town, but they’re actually employees of a stealth marketing company. Rather than use commercials and magazine ads to increase intrigue, they put the finest Yves Saint Laurent dress on Kate (Demi Moore), the hottest golf club in Steve’s (David Duchovny) hand, the trendiest scarf around Jenn’s (Amber Heard) neck and latest portable gaming device in Mick’s (Ben Hollingsworth) pocket. They look like your typical family, but have a hidden agenda to make you want what they have.

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