Interview: The Perfect Game’s Jake T. Austin And Cheech Marin

William Dear’s The Perfect Gamesmay be based on the perfect true story, but the production itself was far from flawless. There were a number of snags in the road to the little league World Series for the Monterrey Industrials back in 1957 and Cheech Marin and Jake T. Austin experienced a similar ride packed with troubles in attempt to complete this film.

Austin stars as Angel Macias, the Industrials’ golden boy and the player who pitches the perfect game transforming the mostly unlikely contenders into the first non-American team to win the little league World Series. The Industrials’ firepower may have come from Angel’s arm, but it’s Padre Estaban’s (Marin) spiritual guidance that encouraged them to be respectful, hard workers and gracious winners. Between their talent and genuine appreciation for the opportunity to just play some baseball, the Monterrey Industrials became a little league legend.

Marin and Austin were both on hand to talk anything and everything baseball. The duo revels in the fact that the cast and crew of The Perfect Game achieved the impossible and have finally arrived at opening weekend. They also recollect their fondest baseball moments and offer a look into the future to discuss their upcoming projects.

Click here to read the interview.

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