Interview: Steve Pink (One-on-One)

I’ve done a lot of interviews, but never once has the interviewee beat me to the first question. Not only did Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink throw a question my way before I could ask him one, but he asked me something totally predictable and simplistic, yet a question that caught me completely off guard. He wanted to know what I thought about his movie.

When you’re talking about a project that involves four guys time traveling back to the 80s via hot tub, you’d think there isn’t much to discuss except the pure instantly of the situation. But, no, Hot Tub Time Machine has much more to it than absurdity and insanely hilarious gags. Of course, there’s a lot of that, but HTTM has a little something extra to offer, an appealing plot.

Even with a talented group consisting of John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke driving the film, it’s Pink’s fine tuning that makes Hot Tub Time Machine more pleasurable than its comical competition. Check out what happened when Pink put me on the spot and what he had to say about his longstanding association with Cusack, how he went about choosing 80s references to incorporate and his Dirty Rotten plan for the future.

Click here to read the interview.

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