Interview: The Runaways’ Kristen Stewart And Dakota Fanning

The pressure is on for Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. Not only are both young actresses at crossroads in terms of their careers – Dakota going from childhood phenomenon to serious adult actress and Stewart making a name for herself beyond theTwilight Saga – but they’ve also got the added pressure of having to do the first all girl rock band, The Runaways, some justice. Longtime fans of the group will go in with high expectations to see the sensation happen all over again, while Fanning and Stewart’s target demographic, will be experiencing a film that will likely define their understanding of the 1970s group.

Stewart stars as Joan Jett, the rhythm guitarist with a powerful passion for the music. Fanning is Cherie Currie, the group’s lead singer and source of sex appeal. The group is a monumental success, hurling its members into the intense life of fame, fortune and anxiety. Through all of the trials, successes and tribulations, Currie and Jett are always side-by-side trying to help each other stay focused and deliver the goods, the music.

Check out what Fanning and Stewart had to say about embodying rock icons and their relationships with their real life counterparts as well as Stewart’s hesitation to retell exactly how Jett explained to rock out on the guitar.

Click here to read the interview.

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