Review: The Runaways

In the words of Kim Fowley (Michael Shannon), “It’s press, not prestige. Get used to it.” Those words are directed to the members of his band in The Runaways, but they’re easily applicable to the film as well. The Runaways is certainly not prestigious, but it knows it and uses its flaws to provide the film with a fantastic degree of authenticity. Just because you don’t abide by the standards of perfection, doesn’t mean you can succeed. One of the best examples of the beautifully flawed is The Runaways and its film counterpart follows suit.

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning star as Joan Jett and Cherie Currie respectively. The film begins with the young rebellious duo as mere nobodies. Jett is hanging out at clubs and terrorizing guitar teachers who doubt a girl’s ability to rock the electric guitar while Currie’s expressing her love for David Bowie at a school talent show to an intensely disapproving crowd. But all of that changes when Jett meets the influential and eccentric music producer, Kim Fowley, and he becomes determined to bring the world something it’s never seen before, an all girl rock band.

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