Bringing The Movie To Life: Derby Dreams – Part 2

SkatesNaturally, my new hobby comes at a price. First off, the roller derby league highly recommends participating in their skills nights. Fine, that makes sense. I don’t really know what I’m doing and could definitely use some pre-tryout training. But, of course, these sessions aren’t free. On top of that, I actually have to purchase a pair of skates. I did some thorough research – Googled ‘roller derby skates’ – and checked out the top hit’s bestseller list. Of course, the skate at the top spot was the cheapest. I didn’t want to go for the bottom of the barrel but didn’t want to start spending hundreds of dollars on quads when there’s a possibility I might not even make it past tryout day. After much deliberation, I ended up purchasing the moderately prices Riedell R3 Tuners.

My next derby venture was going to require some cash as well. I didn’t want to walk into the first of four skills nights without any experience. The league’s website suggests training with a local instructor. Fine, but I’m not embarrassing myself in any class. I inquired about arranging a private lesson and after some brief correspondence was all set to meet with the trainer later that week.

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