Review: Zombieland

ZombielandPosterI walked into Zombieland in a terrible mood and walked out a completely different person. No, I wasn’t turned into a zombie; I just walked out unreservedly delighted. Seriously, like twinkle-in-your-eye happy. Zombieland is filled with the horror genre’s standard overdose of blood and guts, but it’s also packing something else; humor. Add in the charming band of misfits and you end up with something disturbing, thrilling, hilarious and sweet, all at the same time. Whether you’re in a good mood, a bad one or indifferent, Zombieland is an incredibly fun film. Forget the twinkle in your eye; you know that dumb grin you get on your face when you’re really into a great movie? The one you hope you caught yourself making before anyone else notices? You’re going to be stuck with that grin long after Zombieland is over.

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